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Posted on June 21, 2020

Help Haul Crews in Passenger Vans
No CDL Needed

Must pass background check, motor vehicle record, drug screen.

Primary Job Responsibilities
- Performs a complete pre-trip inspection of the vehicle assigned to him/her by dispatch at the beginning of his/her trip or shift, or any replacement vehicle issued during the duration of his/her trip or shift.
- Perform a complete post trip inspection of the vehicle assigned to him/her as the vehicle is returned.
- Continuously monitors vehicle operation during the duration of his/her trip/shift so as to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle at all times.
- Keeps the vehicle inside and out in a condition of cleanliness acceptable to RCX standards. Monitors and ensures the cleanliness of van assigned to trip/shift as needed.
- Ensures, during the embarkation and disembarkation of crew members that the vehicle is:
- In park.
- Motor Shut off.
- 4-way flashers are on.
- Professional Driver is first out of the vehicle.
- Opens doors to assist crew member in and out of the van.
- Opens doors to assist crew members with baggage.
- Pulls over and stops van in a safe manner when needing to communicate via cellular phone.
- Follows all RCX safe driving standards are followed, including, but not limited to:
-Get Out and Look (GOAL) prior to any backing maneuvers.
- Assess safety prior to crossing rails in yard and/or roadways.
- Follow 4-second rule while following another vehicle.
- Ensure speed restrictions are adhered to during irregular operations and deer seasons.

Secondary Job Responsibilities
- Maintains proper contact with the dispatchers and closers as required.
- Accepts all trips/shifts promptly as they are dispatched.
- Conducts his/her personal and business life such that he/she has enough hours to complete assigned trips/shifts without violating hours of service limitations.
- Maintains proper dress and personal hygiene standards acceptable to RCX
- Keeps adequate records as required and remits promptly to the closers to accurately account for
the metrics of the trip taken including stops, waits and mileage incurred during the trip/shift.
- Coordinates with dispatcher on arrival at destination, PDS in MPV areas when dropping crew members at an MPV hub to ensure any backhauls can be accommodated in the most economical way.
- Completes a Trip Sheet for each and every dispatched trip.
- Controls and is accountable for all fuel expense assigned to his/her unique and specific fuel PIN number.
- Ensures RCX cellular phone is used only for business calls.
- Ensures vehicle is left in the designated hub in a fully fueled, clean condition ready for the next
trip/shift assigned to the next driver.