Strip & Test Operator

Parker Hannifin   Red Oak, IA   Full-time     Accounting
Posted on June 29, 2021

Strip & Test Operator

Job Qualification Requirements
On the job training from one to eight weeks or extend to ten weeks if needed

Essential Functions
1. Separate mandrel from hose for reuse in system

2. Pressure check hose to specification requirements

3. Send tested product to inspection area for further disposition

4. Identify and eliminate known defects

5. Document good and non-conforming product

6. Correctly fill out required paperwork daily

7. Train new employees as needed

8. Detect and report problem areas or unusual conditions to supervisor

9. Maintain equipment and work areas in a clean and orderly condition at all times

10. Use personal safeguards for hands, feet and eyes as prescribed

11. Perform related and other duties assigned by supervisor

Physical Requirements:
1.Stand, walk, push, pull, reach, bend, turn, squat and lift

2.Visual acuity:
Near acuity and accommodation for reading information to perform job tasks

3.Hearing acuity:
Ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes in order to take appropriate action

Working Conditions
The employee may be subject to:
1.High noise levels from operating machines and equipment

2.Physical hazards from operating machines and moving reels

3.Breathing fumes, dust and mist
The employee may be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties, subject to all applicable state and federal laws.

Parker Hannifin

Red Oak , IA